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Virtualization Solutions, Design, and Deployment

Whether you need to make your environment more efficient, improve availability, reduce your server footprint, or migrate a critical legacy application from outdated hardware, consider virtualization. The key to this strategy is determining which virtualization option is right for your organization and how best to deploy it.
CyberSa’ expert consultants have certified virtualization expertise on all three market-leading platforms: Microsoft 365, VMware, and Citrix consulting. This proficiency enables us to deliver end-to-end virtualized solutions and ensure that your environment is designed for stability, scalability, security, interoperability, and disaster recovery. CyberSa provides services for virtualization design, deployment, and management.


The key to a successful virtual environment is a design that meets your technical needs and business objectives. Using a holistic approach, we ensure your design includes the best hypervisor and storage solution for your business. From local storage, to network attached storage (NAS), to storage area networks (SAN), we offer a complete design solution.


Installation and configuration of the virtual environment requires a deep understanding of virtualization and internet-working, as well as SAN technologies. A properly deployed environment will ensure a stable networking environment.


CyberSa offers a complete solution that includes 24x7 network server monitoring, management, reporting, and remediation of the virtual environment.


Virtualization Security

Improve the security of your virtualized infrastructure. CyberSA can help you to ensure that your virtualized workloads are protected and that the appropriate recovery solutions are in place to help protect your workloads and data.