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Why work with CyberSA

All of CyberSa’s analysts, engineers and responders are highly experienced and qualified security professionals, ensuring they have the latest skills, knowledge and capabilities to keep you safe.

Free eBook: Remote Security

The ‘new normal’ of working from home means that devices and networks are being used in ways for which they weren’t designed. Plus, when working remotely, employees may not be on their guard – leaving your business more vulnerable to cybercrime.
Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the rate of cybercrime has increased significantly. So, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’ve got the right measures in place. Our free eBook explains how to protect your business when working remotely.

Don’t be the next statistic

Recent government research found that almost half of all UK businesses and 68% of SMEs were hit by a cyber-attack during 2020. And Hiscox reported a sharp rise in number of incidents with 55% suffering an attack in 2019.

To compound this further, there’s a major global shortage of cyber security professionals with 54% of UK businesses reporting they lacked the necessary internal skills needed to keep threats at bay.

Verizon found that 71% of breaches are financially motivated and 56% of these took months or longer to discover. And further research by the Online Trust Alliance reported 95% of incidents can be prevented with basic cyber hygiene.

Unfortunately, most organisations only discover they’ve fallen victim to a cyber-attack when it’s too late. Act now and invest in the best defences available.